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Marva Henrietta Wallace Fund

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Jordan Sutton
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Our story

Marva Henrietta Wallace was the loving mother of two young men, and 3 grandchildren. My mother was not one for many words but rather one for direct action. Marva Wallace dedicated her life to serving God’s people in her church, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, in the Wakefield area of The Bronx, NY. With no formal education and a battle with her cognitive disability, Marva was always determined and ready for any challenge that came her way. She would take the bus to a local library to attend an Adult Education class; She would learn to read and write. My mother was not fortunate enough to receive a college degree but if she had the opportunity she would have surely taken it in a heart beat. My mother pushed for me to be the best version of myself. I remember her telling me how proud she was that I am taking my education serious. The love she gave was and is my driving force for higher education.

Our goal

This Scholarship is in memory of my late mother, Marva Henrietta Wallace, and thus shall be the name of this scholarship. Our mission is to raise $10,000 in order to award 4 students $2,500 each. The purpose of this scholarship is to help others like my mother, and to continue my mother's legacy as it was her joy to serve others. We hope this award can help make this difference of whether or not a student can afford their tuition, purchase books, commute, or have lunch/dinner after a long day of classes. Thank you for your contributions to help aid one more student.

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