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Martha Galvez Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Cassie Galvez
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    Martha Galvez Memorial Scholarship


    Kathy B Bray


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Our story

Martha Galvez was a loving mother, wife, nurse advocate, and friend who left behind a legacy of compassion and strength. She worked as a registered nurse in Tri Cities, WA for 27 years before her career was cut short by a Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis. During her time as a nurse, Martha helped deliver thousands of babies in the labor and delivery department, and fought tirelessly for nurses and patients across the state as a member of the Washington State Nurses Association. Since her passing, Martha continues to inspire many through her leadership and advocacy.

Our goal

This scholarship fund aims to honor the life and legacy of Martha Galvez by supporting students pursuing a nursing degree.
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Salvador Bucio6 months ago

I am glad to be a part of Martha’s ongoing legacy to help future nurses. ❤️

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