Marjorie Moriolé Early Childhood Education Fund

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Victoria Moriole
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Our story

Marjorie was a lady strong in her faith who believed all things were possible because of her love for God. Anything Marjorie set her mind to do, she would enhance or elevate. It was as though she'd ask herself, "How can I make this even better?" Marjorie truly understood the importance of a child being seen, uplifted and encouraged for who they were. She was innovative and wasn't intimidated to be "the first" at starting something new. After her teaching career, she worked full-time for the Attorney General's office in Texas. While doing so, she also partnered with Create-a-Book to make personalized children's books for Head Start programs in elementary schools throughout Texas. Specifically, a book starred, "McGruff the Crime Dog", that taught children about the importance of safety and crime prevention. It meant a great deal to her for a child to see their name, especially those with unique or rare names, in a book! Being able to let a child know they were special and create that spark of self-belief was truly a passion of my mom's.

Our goal

In February 2024, my mother, Marjorie Moriolé, finished the final chapter of her amazingly written story here on Earth. I thought of how I could honor my mother and keep her memory alive while continuing to touch the lives of those passionate about leaving a lasting, positive imprint on the lives of the youth. I’m happy to announce that with, the Marjorie Moriolé Early Childhood Education Scholarship has been established. By donating to the fund, you will keep the scholarship alive, and we’ll be able to continue to provide scholarships for deserving future educators for years to come.
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