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Marie Jean Baptiste Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Marie Jean Baptiste Memorial Scholarship
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Our story

Our grandmother was a gifted seamstress, utilizing her creative talents to craft school uniforms for children as a means of providing for her own family. Beyond supporting her immediate household, she extended her care and financial assistance to her relatives, even opting to conclude her own education early to prioritize this responsibility. Additionally, she consistently opened her home to children in need, offering both shelter and guidance to those lacking financial resources and parental support. As an adult, she continued to serve others through her church by participating in church groups and visiting the sick. Once she became an American citizen, she continued to send financial aid to individuals in Haiti whom she had cared for previously. Her unwavering commitment to helping others left a lasting impression, and serves as a significant source of inspiration for the current scholarship fund. In addition to her nurturing spirit, our grandmother embodied strength and courage. As a young Haitian woman, she traveled across multiple states in the U.S. during the ‘70s to preach the Word of God as a missionary. She consistently shared her faith with all those she encountered. In both church and non-religious settings, she also provided advice and encouragement to the youth, ensuring they could strive towards realizing their full potential. Likewise, she encouraged her five daughters to cultivate self-sufficiency and independence. She instilled in them the importance of ensuring their ability to care for themselves and their loved ones, emphasizing the need to navigate and overcome any adversity they might encounter. She leaves behind 5 daughters, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren, through whom her legacy will live on.

Our goal

Marie Jean Baptiste was a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who lived a life dedicated to serving others. Although she had her own 5 daughters, Marie continued to hold a special place in her heart for other children in need. With her nurturing spirit, she financially supported children who did not have a parent to rely on, and raised them alongside her daughters in her home. She immigrated to the United States from Haiti and worked tirelessly to provide a brighter future for her five children while serving those in need in her community. Though she did not complete formal schooling, she valued education and motivated her children and grandchildren to complete their own. She lived 93 years and was blessed to witness her grandchildren obtain multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees. This fund seeks to honor the memory of Marie Jean Baptiste by supporting students accepted into a 4-year accredited college. We welcome scholarship applications from high school and undergraduate students who have contributed to their family and/or community. Additionally, we strongly encourage candidates with Haitian and Haitian-American backgrounds to apply. Our aim is that this fund will have a lasting impact on the lives of the awarded scholars and provide them with educational opportunities they might not have otherwise had.

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June Arrington4 months ago

This is to honor the memory of Marie Jean Baptiste. May the light of her life guide others to a bright future.

Shirley Bastien5 months ago

God bless, amazing thing being done for the community.

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