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Marie Humphries Memorial Scholarship Fund

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John Humphries
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Marie Humphries was a beloved friend, mother, partner, and teacher. She dedicated over 20 years of her life to teaching and was passionate about helping inspire young people to learn and grow. She was equally passionate about encouraging new generations of educators to continue the work she had loved so much. She truly believed that being an educator was the wisest career choice anyone could make and never tired of trying to inspire others to follow in her footsteps. This fund will contribute to the Marie Humphries Memorial Scholarship. Each year, I will provide $3,000 to this scholarship, which will then be awarded to a high school senior or undergraduate student pursuing a degree in education or teaching. Additional donations to this fund are welcome and will increase the value of the scholarship. If sufficient funds are raised, more than one winner will be selected.
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Cathy Harris Davis1 month ago

Marie was a wonderful friend and sorority sister. She opened her heart and home to so many. I miss her love and generosity!!

Marilyn Madrin1 month ago

Marie was a sorority sister and one fun person to interact with and laugh with! We miss her.

Eleanor Poole1 month ago

Marie was a great friend and sorority sister. She was a positive influence on lots of kids. I enjoyed her for over 60 years and treasure all the memories.

Patti Knapp1 month ago

Marie was a friend, a golf buddy and had a love for teaching and the outdoors. I donate to honor her memory.

Lori Dumas6 months ago

Marie was a friend and we miss her dearly.❤️

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