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Margaret J. Davis STEM Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Margaret J. Davis (JoAnn) was a single mother of 4. She worked at the US Postal Office for years to support her family, including her elderly mother. JoAnn was diagnosed with a large brain tumor in her late 20's. She had 3 surgeries that proved unsuccessful and left her without the ability to walk or talk. Through therapy her mobile and vocal abilities returned but left her unable to work. As a result of her brain tumor, JoAnn suffered a fatal aneurysm and stroke. She was just 32 years old. JoAnn showed perseverance, love and dedication to her family. Her loving words and actions have continued to support her children, even after her passing.

Our goal

Education is an extremely important tool that can alter the trajectory of one’s life. Obtaining higher education opens many doors for people to learn, explore their passions, and thrive later in life. Unfortunately, obtaining an education can also be very expensive and often feels like an unattainable dream to disadvantaged communities, such as Black single mothers. This scholarship seeks to support single moms who are pursuing their dreams of higher education in order to make the journey less difficult. Any African American single mother who is an undergraduate student may apply for this scholarship, but students in Indiana and those pursuing STEM are preferred. Funds to this fundraiser will continue to support the mission to support single mothers.
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