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Manuela Calles Scholarship for Women Fund

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Dr. Sandra Calles
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    Jessica Marroquin


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    Jessica Marroquin


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    Jessica Marroquin


Our story

My grandmother was strong, resilient, a single mother of three, a Rosie the Riveter, a devoted grandmother, and the hardest working woman I have ever known. At my doctoral graduation ceremony speech, I dedicated my career in mental health to her. My work as a career coach and this scholarship, is my way of honoring her.

Our goal

I was once a young mother bringing up 3 children and struggling to juggle my roles as a caregiver, working full-time, and as a student completing a doctoral program. There were times when I was financially insecure and was left scrambling to pay for the expenses associated with my program. I know many young women are in a similar situation. This fundraiser is dedicated to all hard working women persevering and accomplishing their educational & career goals. Manuela Calles, my grandmother was the hardest working woman I have ever known, this scholarship is in her memory.
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