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Maggie’s Way Scholarship Fund

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David Gaskill
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Our story

Malgorzata “Maggie” Kwiecien was a brilliant engineer from Poland who was a rising star in FM Global before passing away at the age of 43 after a 3-year battle with stomach cancer. Maggie moved to the U.S. on her own and with no support system in 2015 and was known for her determination and bravery. Maggie was never afraid of physical challenges and was a skilled ski instructor, mountain climber, cyclist, traveler, runner, and diver, among other things. Maggie was intellectually bold, too, and was always up for a debate. She was also devoted to education and knowledge and was determined to become an expert on whatever she set her mind to. This scholarship aims to honor Maggie’s life by supporting female students who have moved to the U.S. for their education.

Our goal

This fund will be used to fund the Maggie’s Way scholarship so that it can continue annually after the initial funds are depleted.

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