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Lynn P. Brewer, RPh Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our goal

Our goal is to raise funds for The Lynn P. Brewer, RPh Memorial Scholarship. Lynn Brewer passed away unexpectedly on December 7, 2023 after an incredible career as a dedicated pharmacist for over 40 years. Lynn received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut in 1979. Throughout her career she worked in clinical and retail pharmacies. Lynn also taught and mentored pharmacy students. After her retirement, she served on the Board of Directors for the local hospital system that served the northern region of New Hampshire. Her goal was to recruit qualified and talented healthcare personnel to rural areas of the state. Improving service in rural areas has always been a difficult task because many professionals aren't interested in relocating to such a rural area. Lynn believed the solution was to educate the youth already in the area on the types of healthcare jobs and the need for them locally in order to create a self-sustaining supply of healthcare workers The scholarship aims to honor the life of Lynn Brewer, and her endless efforts to recruit qualified healthcare personnel. The funds will be awarded to a high school senior in New Hampshire that is pursuing a college degree in healthcare.
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