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Light Up the Room like Maddy Scholarship Fund

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Zale Family
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Our goal

This fund will support the Light Up the Room Like Maddy Scholarship. The “Light Up the Room Like Maddy” scholarship will support students impacted by mental illness and/or a love for gymnastics.

Comments from contributors 17

Anonymous25 days ago

We love you!

Will Brown2 months ago

I honor the entire Zale family and am truly,truly sorry for their incredible loss.

Collette Hauge2 months ago

May this scholarship help to tell her story forever! 💕

Beth Henson2 months ago

What an amazing way to honor a beautiful soul, spread awareness, and support others.

Nan Merrow2 months ago

Having a child with mental health struggles as well has made me a cheerleader for Maddie over the years. I’m glad to honor her memory and legacy through this scholarship.

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