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Our story

A Life Well Lived L inguist who spoke five languages fluently. Italian, Friuli, English, Spanish, and French. I ntellectual who shared her reasoning and understanding fairly among all. D edicated and determined. She never missed a day of work even when the hundred year flood required her to navigate by boat. I nspiring. Her life stories helped foster the growth of so many. She taught that there is life beyond your immediate horizon. A rtist who created beauty from everyday items. M omma to Erica and Jessica. Never faltering to provide, stimulate, protect, and love them. W orld traveler. From coast to coast of the US, Italy, and all around Europe. A dventurous. From the places she visited and lived to the food she tried and created. She always had a story to share. L oving to Calvin; Erica, John, and Abigail; Jessica, Johnny, Lilly, Wallace, and Levi. L ong-lasting. Married 47 years to Calvin. Through thick and thin, good and bad, they always managed to find common ground and stick together. A rticulate and Animated. Always perfecting the speech of those around her and commanding the room with her words and hand gestures. C harismatic. From her speech and mannerisms to her unyielding ferocity. She had a unique and compelling charm. E ditor. Always proofing the written word of anything with her red ink pen.

Our goal

Lidia M. Wallace taught countless students over her 45 year career, primarily at Parkin and Harrisburg High Schools. She taught English, Italian, Spanish, gifted and talented, and a brief lesson in mathematics. She was most passionate about teaching foreign language and was the only Italian teacher in the state of Arkansas at the time. We want to continue Lidia’s legacy by aiding deserving students who desire to pursue a career in teaching. This campaign will go on to fund the Lidia M. Wallace Memorial Scholarship. It is open to any Arkansas high school senior who plans to pursue a college degree in education.
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