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Lewis Hollins Memorial Art Scholarship Fund

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Shannon Bradford
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Our goal

This fund will directly support the Lewis Hollins Art Memorial Scholarship, which was created in the name of my late friend, Lewis Hollins. He was an up-and-coming watercolor artist; vivacious and larger than life, Lewis made an impression on everyone that met him. This scholarship seeks to support students similar to Lewis who are passionate about their craft. Giving back to the art community, and ensuring future generations of artists can continue to practice and bloom, is the best way I know how to ensure that Lewis’ memory and legacy continues on for years to come. All monies collected in this fund will go to his scholarship, so we can continue to support future art students and keep the memory of Lewis Hollins alive.
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Comments from contributors 7

Sabree West1 month ago

i dont feel like typing the 2 wonderful interactions with lewis, this breaks my heart even though i hadnt know him that much.

Carrington Arts7 months ago

On behalf of all those who participated in the Lewis Hollins Celebration of Life silent art auction to benefit this scholarship, THANK YOU!

Shannon Bradford7 months ago

May you never be forgotten, Lew 💕

Carrie Condon7 months ago

Lewis was always very kind to me and my mother when he waited on us at Long Horn. He was very patient with my mother, and made her feel seen and heard. Just an all around kind and funny human being. XO

Donna Coleman7 months ago

The education of artists is all important!

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