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Raina Lee
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Our story

This scholarship fund is a tribute to the Singer, dancer, master choreographer, teacher and mentor Lee Aca Thompson. Thompson studied and performed with the great, Josephine Baker, Katherine Dunham, Sevilla Fort, Pearl Primus, Boris Novikoff, Martha Graham. He taught many genres of dance, tap, jazz, ballet, and modern. His area of expertise was African and Caribbean dance. He later developed his own technique calling it the African Piragramac Dance Technique. Mr. Thompson traveled all over the world teaching the youth in underserved communities. He was the owner and director of dance schools in the Bronx for over 40 years. He was also a master choreographer at The Artist Collective for 40 years. These scholarships will be a tribute to his life and community service.

Our goal

My love of dance started when I was a baby. My Uncle Lee used to dance around the house with me in his arms. By the time I was 2 years old, he already had me enrolled in dance school. 53 years later I am still dancing. I owe it to my uncle to carry on his legacy and love of dance. I created this scholarship to provide 3 high school graduates studying performing arts in college with $1000 each. This scholarship fund is my way of keeping his legacy alive. Family, the arts and giving back to the community is what brought him joy. So, hopefully, he is smiling right now saying good job.
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