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We are starting this fund to raise scholarship money for 1st year college students on behalf of our beloved coach, teacher, father and husband J.B Myers. For over 30 years, Coach Myers has been a pillar of our local Middletown/ Smyrna community. He has been a part of many high school football championship teams, coached future college football and NFL players, and has made an impact on thousands of students he has served. Monies raised from this fund will allow us to give back to upcoming college students. Our desire is to provide 10 people with $500 scholarships yearly. The perfect applicant is someone who: demonstrates a great work ethic in school and in sports, is active in his/her community, is seeking a degree in sports, education, or human services and can articulate the importance of community and family. These traits are all elements Coach Myers has been molded and shaped by, and we want to sow into students who portray these characteristics.

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