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Lake Nona High School Legacy Scholarship Fund

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Rachael Dean
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Our story

From a very young age, Jaimeson Maxwell Dean Williams developed a love for music and robotics. He played the French Horn in his middle and high school bands. During his junior year at Lake Nona High, he became an operations leader in his section. He exhibited extreme joy while playing amongst his bandmates. Music was dear to Jaimesons’ heart and when he played, he played from his soul. In addition, Jaimeson’s core passion was building and design. He was a straight “A” honor student in pursuit of becoming a Civil Engineer and owning a business one day. Jaimeson’s smile lit up any room that he walked into. Because of his humble and respectful demeanor, he made a great impression on most people he met. His leadership amongst his peers was unmatched, and his generous spirit was a beacon of light and a definition of pure and good nature. How he lived his life is an extraordinary example to his family and those who knew him. His beautiful soul will be greatly missed in this world, a world he had the ability to change.

Our goal

I am starting this fund to help raise money for a legacy scholarship in honor of my deceased son. His passions were music and engineering. He attended Lake Nona High School and this year I would like to provide an opportunity for students from this school and with these interest to apply and receive a scholarship to help reach their life goals. I am also welcoming any graduating student to apply.
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Comments from contributors 11

Anonymous1 month ago

In honor of this gentleman, may he rest in peace.

Trudy & Wil Constant2 months ago

In Jaimeson’s memory. May this scholarship be another avenue for legacy to live on through the lives of others.

Lisa & Kihe Page3 months ago

I pray this scholarship in Jaimeson’s memory will help countless students realize and achieve their dreams.

Rachael Dean3 months ago

A contribution of love and support on behalf of Phelicia Jones

Rachael Dean3 months ago

My love and support in honor of beautiful Jaimeson.

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