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Our story

From a very young age, Kyle was a huge fan of airplanes. He used to dress up as a pilot for Halloween, and rob the printer of paper as he worked on the art of making the perfect paper airplane. As he got older it became apparent he wanted to be a professional pilot for a career, and he was dedicated to his studies to make that a reality. An excellent student, Kyle also found the time to get involved in his school and was very active in extracurricular activities including sports and student government. Kyle finished college and was working on his flying ratings to further his career. He had his private pilot and multi engine ratings when he tragically passed away in 2021. Kyle and his family knew the expense involved in getting into this career, and would like to award scholarships to help ease the financial burden for deserving young aviators.

Our goal

My dear son Kyle passed away in 2021. The generous contributions of friends and family have given us a nest egg to start the Kyle Rairdan memorial scholarship fund. Kyle was passionate about flying and was pursuing a career as a professional pilot. We know how financially challenging this career can be, so we would like to award scholarships to deserving applicants who are pursuing a professional pilot career. We are planning on offering two awards per year for 5 years, if the fund gets further contributions we will be able to continue.
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Leigh Biega4 months ago

My 19 year old son is going to aviation school in Napa. My heart goes out to Christina and her family. So admirable that Kyle was learning to be a pilot.

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