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Kristie's Memorial Fund for Cancer Kids

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Our story

Kristie McFarling was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in 2010 at the age of 31, which changed everything for her family. Yet not in the ways one might expect. It is true that she did undergo multiple surgeries, chemotherapies, radiation treatments and clinical trials for almost 8 years and ultimately succumbing in September of 2018. Which itself is a miracle, as the life expectancy for Stage IV is 20 months and she thrived for 8 years. She thrived What was truly changed was the trajectory of her life. Never the victim, Kristie’s heart and courage was on full display, while she poured her soul into her children, Thomas Jr and Ava. She volunteered for multiple cancer and children’s organizations, she lead reading groups at the local elementary school, created a Stage IV support group for women under 40, advocated for research for breast cancer, fought for safe routes to school for elementary and middle school students in her area, and generally LOVED everyone she met. Above all she valued education for all children.

Our goal

Recognizing the unique hardship of losing a parent to cancer, a memorial scholarship fund created by the McFarling family, in memory of Kristie McFarling. This scholarship is for college bound high school students who have lost a parent to cancer or been affected by cancer. Eligible funds will be awarded to young adults annually with a scholarship to seek a higher education. The family consider nominations from young adults who have lost a parent to metastatic breast cancer or has financial hardship due to a parent currently living with metastatic breast cancer and wishes to seek a higher education as a post high school graduate. At this time scholarship applications will be considered from individuals living in Texas.

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Marilyn Edwards1 month ago

In honor of my daughter, Kristie. This scholarship fund is something she hoped and wished would come true for kids like hers who witnessed or experienced the difficult realities of life. Special thanks to all the McFarling family for their hard work and dedication in making Kristie's wish come true, and to the Bold org. personnel for providing the wonderful assistance needed to set up this scholarship fund.

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