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Kris Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our story

It’s hard to find all the right words to describe Kris, because Kris was everything that is good. She had a generous heart and made sure everyone around her knew how much they meant to her. Kris radiated the type of love that impacted the lives of everyone she encountered. She had a remarkable ability to connect with people, share herself and focus on the best parts of others to lift them up. She was loving and loyal, trusting and a tad gullible. She was intelligent and organized, and the best partner to have on the opposite team in a board game. It was well known that the doors to the Lewis house were never locked; the kids and all their friends had an open invitation to sleep where they landed with the promise of breakfast in the morning. Kris was always on the go: traveling to her favorite paradise in Mexico, volunteering in her community, coaching and playing volleyball, shopping, and spending as much time as possible with her family and friends. And when Kris made friends, she kept them for life. Always the social butterfly, it turns out all the talking that got her in trouble in elementary school proved to be her superpower. Her love of talking morphed into a successful career in lumber sales that spanned decades and provided her with friends and colleagues that were relentlessly supportive until the end.

Our goal

My mom recently passed and she was hugely involved in the community. She was the high school volleyball coach for 18+ years, and still helped even after she retired, she was a member of the chamber of commerce, and the school's booster club. She was a beloved chaperone for school trips long after her own kids graduated. She was a champion for giving people the tools to make the most of what they had to succeed. We feel that creating a scholarship in her honor to help the students in our area is a good way to honor her legacy of support and commitment to the community she served, lived in and loved.
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Comments from contributors 5

Rich Weir6 months ago

Kris was one of the best people in this business that I have had the pleasure to deal with.

Patrick Lumber Company8 months ago

Kris was a bright light and great friend to all in the lumber industry. We mourn her sudden loss and hope this contribution helps touch a life, as Kris has touched ours.

Leslie Southwick8 months ago

Kris was so passionate about improving the lives of kids especially her volleyball girls that she loved to coach. She wanted kids to be able to reach their full potential and I know that she would be overjoyed to know that a scholarship will be helping someone else out.

Joelle McGrorty8 months ago

Kris was always admired and loved for her contributions to others and her community. She is greatly missed by her family and friends and she would be so excited to know her legacy of helping others carries on.

Dale Kurtz9 months ago

Kris was such a fun and respected student of mine. Her name on a scholarship is an honor to the future of others.

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