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King Jay Foundation Scholarship Fund

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Our story

My brother, Jason "King Jay" Foster, life was taken at the young age of 17 years old. He was a high school student of Dollarway High in his senior year about to graduate. He never got a chance to walk across the stage with the rest of his class, so I stood for him and received his diploma. Now, I'm standing in memory of him for all the high school students who has a dream as my brother did of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This scholarship fund would help start the successful career path to a life-changing future.

Our goal

King Jay Foundation Incorporated was originally founded in memory of my deceased brother, Jason "King Jay" Foster whom we lost to gun violence back July of 2013. Jason was only 17 years old. A high school student with big dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur but his life was taken trying to help out friends. This scholarship foundation will be the start of a life changing career path to a high school student who wishes to advance their education as a first-generation college student.

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