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Kennard C. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
The Williams-Brown-Artis Families
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    Dorothy Artis


    Gloria Gadson, Da’vian Bailey, Jacqueline Linton, And Hugh Harvin -


    Eleanor Williams


    Dahomey Josiah


    Haywood Williams


Our story

The Kennard Charles Brown Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Kennard C. Brown who, in August 2022, died from cardiovascular complications. Kennard was a beloved son, brother, and uncle who believed in the importance of education, hardwork, giving back to his community, and building generational wealth for future generations to succeed. Kennard studied electrical engineering at Morgan State University, a Historically Black College/University located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our goal

The mission of the Kennard C. Brown Memorial Scholarship is to empower future generations to reach their potential through higher education. This fund aims to assist in preventing, “a dream deferred” by supporting disadvantaged youth through college. This fund would annually provide a $500 scholarship to one or more African-American male undergraduate student(s) studying at an HBCU (Historically Black College University).
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Gloria Gadson, Da’vian Bailey, Jacqueline Linton, And Hugh Harvin -2 months ago

Donations made by Gloria Gads9n, Jacqueline Linton, and Davia Bailey. Donation made by Hugh Harvin.

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