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Kaye Hill Scholarship Fund

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Keunte Hill
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Our story

My grandmother, Kaye Hill, was the center of our family. She faced a lot of adversity throughout her life, but she always maintained her composure. She took care of me as a child and often gave me her last, even if it meant going without. On her last day, she was a motivational force in my life, offering me a lot of advice. I didn't fully grasp the impact she had on our family until she passed away. At her funeral, my uncle gave a testimony, saying she was the reason he completed his education. I will honor her name with this scholarship.

Our goal

The goal of this fund is to raise scholarship money for my scholarship called the "Kaye Hill Scholarship." This scholarship is named after my grandmother, who recently passed away. She was the center of our family. My grandmother showed great resilience in life and never let the world get to her. I would like to bless a high school student who has a need for funding.

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