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Kathryn Graham "Keyport's Mom" Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Parents normally become less involved in their children's lives as they move through middle school and into high school. This was not the case with Mrs. Graham and the adolescents in Keyport. Mrs. Graham knew the adolescents of Keyport needed as much attention and guidance as when they did when they were in their younger years. Mrs. Graham had many positive relationships with all of her four children as well as she did with all her children's peers. Young adolescents need adults who are there for them—people who connect with them, communicate with them, spend time with them and show a genuine interest in them and this is exactly what Mrs. Graham, did not only with her children but with any child who walked through doors at 204 Broadway in Keyport. Mrs. Graham taught many children in Keyport how to care for and love others the same way she did herself. Mrs. Graham truly loved her own children and a lot of other adolescents of Keyport but would let them know when she did not necessarily love what they did, or decisions they made—and the adolescents trusted this is to be true and would listen and learn from her. Mrs. Graham was real with the youngsters of Keyport and tried to guide them in the right direction. Young adolescents need support as they struggle with problems and many times Mrs. Graham was there for them. She would give praise when they've done their best and be real with them if she felt they didn’t. Mrs. Graham knew how important encouragement was to developed interests and personal characteristics and she tried to infuse this to many individuals of Keyport. Young adolescents need strong role models and Mrs. Graham was that. She modeled the behaviors and had values that she wanted the adolescents of Keyport to develop. Her actions spoke louder than words. She set high standards for herself and treated others with kindness and respect. Mrs. Graham wanted to model positive behavior for all so that they would have a better chance of following her example. She wanted the adolescents of Keyport to all become successful and positive community members. Mr. Graham treated all the adolescents she encountered with respect. She recognized and appreciate their differences and treated them all as individuals. She showed compassion and tried to see things from their point of view and considered their needs and feelings. Mrs. Graham treated young adolescents with respect and took pleasure in helping all the adolescents of Keyport.

Our goal

Further Kathryn Graham's (Keyport's Mom) legacy by supporting high school students pursing higher education. Provide $1000 scholarship each year.
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