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Kate Szuberla Jauch Scholarship Fund

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Kathleen Gravelle
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    Kathleen Gravelle


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Our story

Kate Szuberla Jauch is remembered as deeply companionate, funny, courageous, and at her core an educator, and the creation of this tuition scholarship is to honor her passion for life and education. Kate worked as a nurse in Labor and Delivery teaching women and mothers, and as a patient, she used her illness to educate the next generation of healthcare providers. She was one of the first advocacy ambassadors for “Be the Match,” a program managed by the National Marrow Donor Program, and she carefully chronicled her own illness with the hope of helping others who might face the same challenges.

Our goal

This fundraiser will support The Kate Szuberla Jauch Scholarship by providing additional financial support to students that are looking to pursue careers in nursing.

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