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Jonathan Tang Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Rich Graham
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Our goal

Jon was a friend to many, including me. I was always impressed by the number of friends across varying friend groups Jon had. One way we can all honor his memory is to contribute to his newly formed scholarship, The Jon Tang Memorial Scholarship. This is a scholarship that will help a student that reminds us of Jon. The scholarship is something I had wanted to do for a while and with your help, we can fund it annually. The scholarship will be given out around Jon’s birthday in April of each year. Thank you for your contribution and helping his memory live on.
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Eric Hoy5 months ago

Sending so much love and support from the St. A's Gang!

Nick Manning5 months ago

I’m always thinking about Jon this time of year. May the legend live on!

Claire Langlois5 months ago

In memory of Jon, who was a great friend to both Aileen Murphy Langlois and Phil Langlois

Amanda Richardson5 months ago

Jon you were such a beautiful soul we miss you.

Liz Bresler5 months ago

Always thinking of Jon and how hysterical he was. He was a great friend through high school and our days at UMass. He texted me on our birthday every single year, even long after we had lost touch. He was an incredible human and the world is darker without him. Thank you for making this scholarship in his name.

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