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Jon Kaye Memorial Scholarship Fund

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    Quinn, Steve And Amelia Perlmutter


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Our story

Jonathan “Jon” Kaye passed away on September 18th, 2022 at the age of 51. Born on June 25th, 1971, Jon was raised in Forest Hills, N.Y. and lived in NYC, Southern California and New Hampshire. Jon had an extremely curious mind which led him to constantly think outside the box. He was kind, generous, funny, and extremely smart. He also had the memory of an elephant. Jon embraced every challenge, and his huge heart matched his 6'4” frame, as he was the first in line to help anyone in need. Along with being an incredible friend, son, brother, cousin, nephew and uncle, Jon was passionate about dogs, cars and music. From an early age he learned about mechanics, which led him to owning and operating New England Auto Brokers and Fineline Cars. However, it was his love of music which made him feel most alive. As a self-taught musician with an incredible voice, Jon spent most of his time performing alongside or assisting fellow musicians. Jon believed that given the opportunity and education, one could do great things and fulfill their dreams. In honor of Jon, we ask that you make a donation to The Jon Kaye Memorial Scholarship Fund and help it reach its goal of providing opportunity and education to a student currently pursuing or planning to pursue a degree in trade school. With love and appreciation, The Family of Jon Kaye

Our goal

This scholarship aims to honor the life of Jon Kaye by supporting a student currently pursuing or planning to pursue a degree in trade school.
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Comments from contributors 4

Quinn, Steve And Amelia Perlmutter1 day ago

RIP Cousin Jon

Kylie And Daniel Dealy16 days ago

Jon was the best and always liked to see people succeed in life!

Mike Danon Danon20 days ago

Bayview on the water

Rosalia Bonsignore1 month ago

My birthday twin. Never forgotten.

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