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Johnna's Legacy Fund

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Living Chronic Faith
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Our story

I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called Living Chronic Faith, Inc., which is a faith-first organization that serves people living with chronic medical conditions. My sister, Johnna, was one of the original members of the organization, and one of the inspirations for it. She was an educator on the collegiate level and was a great proponent for the importance of education being accessible to everyone. She passed away on June 22, 2022, and Living Chronic Faith wants to honor her memory by continuing her dream of making education accessible. Johnna Hampton lived with numerous medical issues from childhood, but she never allowed that to limit her zest for life or her passion for education. She went above and beyond for her students, and even created a community-based program to help people improve their verbal and written communication skills. She was always full of joy and she was always able to encourage others, even in the midst of her own pain and discomfort. Johnna is an inspiration to all who knew her, and she lives on in our hearts.

Our goal

This fundraiser will support the Johnna's Legacy Memorial Scholarship, by helping students who have had direct and/or indirect experience with a chronic medical diagnosis pursue a higher education.
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