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John Acuña Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our goal

We are starting this fund to create a scholarship in honor of John Acuña, a teacher and counselor in Santa Ana California for over 50 years. He was an inspiration, mentor, and advocate for generations of student from his community. A veteran of the U.S.Army, he established the veterans center at Santa Ana College, to provide guidance to those from the armed forces seeking to pursue goals of higher education. So in honor of him, this fund will award scholarships to those veterans needing assistance with their education.
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Lily Lamas2 months ago

To the legacy of an amazing educator and human being. Thank you John!

Lynn Marecek2 months ago

John was one of the most amazing educators and he had a great impact on my career. At the start of my time at SAC he welcomed me into Freshman Experience leadership and I learned so much from him. His incredible talents and efforts ripple through the community. I always loved when he said his goal was “A bachelors degree for every house on Raitt St.”

Dorothy Swayne3 months ago

In your honor, John.

June Magarro3 months ago

RIP John you will be missed by all.

Santa Ana College Counseling Division Faculty, Staff And Administrators4 months ago

Sent on behalf of Santa Ana College Counseling Faculty, Staff and Administrators

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