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Joe Ford Trade Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
D.F. Richard Energy & The Ford Family
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    David Ford And Nancy Leland Ford/Leland


    D.F. Richard Energy & The Ford Family


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Our story

D.F. Richard Energy in Dover, NH is offering this scholarship in honor of Joseph Ford who tragically died at the age of 21 in a motorcycle accident. As a child Joe was always building things and as a teen he spent every moment he could in his family’s garage welding and working on anything with an engine. Joe often found school difficult and in high school he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after graduation. He did know, however, that he didn’t want to go to college. In 2018, during his senior year, Joe was hired part time by D.F. Richard Energy and it was there that his confidence grew and he realized this was the career path he wanted to follow. All of the hours and hard work he had spent “tinkering” in the family garage had prepared him for a successful career in the trades. Upon graduating he began working full time for the company and by 2020 he was a full service technician with his own company van. D.F. Richard Energy and Joe’s family wish to help other young adults get a head start in the trades by offering the scholarship to a student that, like Joe, has a genuine love of working with their hands, is not afraid to work hard, and has always had true interest in either the building, industrial, or mechanical trades.

Our goal

We wish to support graduating high school seniors in New Hampshire who are interested in pursuing a career in the building, industrial or mechanical trades.
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David Ford And Nancy Leland Ford/Leland24 days ago

Watching Joe Ford blossom with his opportunity to learn a trade during and after high school, we wish to help others get that same opportunity to help establish their careers.

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