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Jett, Nyla and Cadence Scholarship Fund

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Tammy Owens
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Our story

On June 13, 2020, twins were born. Jett was the oldest. He was the first cry his mother (Tatyana) and father (Nathan) heard. He died shortly after. Then Nyla was born, kicking her leg all over the place. She stays with our family for the entire night. Then, her mom Tatyana told her it was ok to stop fighting and go and be with her big brother in heaven. On July 4, 2020, Cadence was born to Cambreon and Timia Epps. At only 24 weeks, baby Cae knew her mom; she would reach out to grab her finger. Baby Cae loved her parents, and they loved her dearly. Two sisters, Tatyana and Timia, delivered their babies twenty-one days apart, and all three babies met in heaven 1 month later.

Our goal

1. Support students seeking a degree in the medical field 2. Provide $500 scholarships each year 3. Help high school students achieve their education goals 4. In memorial of my loved one's Baby Jett, Nyla & Cadence by supporting a medical student through college.
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