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Jerome D. Carr Overcoming Adversity Fund

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Matthew Brick
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    Matthew Brick


Our story

Jerome will always be remembered for his humbling generosity, his wickedly insightful sense of humor, his brilliant mind, his incredible work ethic, his unique style, his love of his dogs Bentley and Gizmo, his close relationship with his nephews, Royal and Legend, his husband Matthew and his son Brandon. Jerome loved to give a hand to those in need; he had a soft spot in his heart for those less fortunate than him. Jerome was a loyal friend to many people all over the country and will be deeply missed by so many. The legacy of Jerome Carr continues through his annual memorial scholarship, The Jerome D. Carr Memorial Scholarship for Overcoming Adversity. Each year, a student is hand picked based on having similar unique characteristics and admirable attributes that Jerome had and that were so admired by the people in Jerome's life: Joy Determination Compassion Fearlessness

Our goal

To support BIPOC students who have overcome trauma in order to follow their dreams of pursuing a college education. To honor the life of Jerome D. Carr, whose life was tragically and unexpectedly cut short in September 2022.

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Matthew Brick8 months ago

Happy birthday to Jerome!

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