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Our story

liana Arie Velez was born with determination, ambition, and a competitive spirit in all aspects of her life. She was a beacon of light, radiating with fiery energy that ignited at any given moment. She had a deep passion and talent for running, art, fashion, dancing, music, and eventually became a self-taught musician. At the age of 16, her true independence blossomed as she not only participated in long after school track practices, but shealso managed to balance working multiple jobs as well asvoluntarily taking on the responsibility of picking up her younger sister from school. Any fear she had experienced previously in any part of life as a growing adolescent, was replaced with courage. By the age of 17, Iliana achieved the Katy I.S.D. Track & Field District Championship Title in the 4x400 Meter Relay for her high school. Her consistency and drive led her to earn a total of 40 medals within her high school track career. She also demonstrated her self-taught musical ability by performing her most popular songs on her piano on multiple social platforms. She served as a magnet, bringing together all types of individuals and was genuinely loved by anyone she interacted with. Engaging in conversation with Iliana, was immediately accompanied by a glow in her face, especially if a common interest was shared. She thrived on sharing and expanding her passions by engaging in deep intellectual conversations about the world, human behavior, life, and the afterlife. Last, but not least, Iliana would always encourage other by saying, "You got this!”

Our goal

To honor the multiple talents and abilities that Iliana Arie Velez displayed, we would like to pay tribute to her by offering students in our community a scholarship to pursue their passions. Athletics, art, fashion, dancing, and music were not only attributes of her character but attributes she collaborated and deeply related to with many others, always inspiring them to strive for their gold medal. This scholarship will give students the opportunity to express and develop their own passion, as Iliana would have wanted others to find a way, just as she did, to push through and cross the Finish Line.
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Comments from contributors 8

Jesse Corral5 months ago

Education is the foundation to lifelong success. Knowledge is power and that power should be shared across with our Brothers and Sisters.

Mayde Creek Rams5 months ago

You were never scared of anything in this life. Illy u just came down to teach many lessons and u back home We are going to celebrate together when i see you.

Rolando Rodriguez5 months ago

Much love and respect to all those who contributed. Also for a friend who lost his daughter in such a terrible way. She was so young and had much to offer. I hope this can help our future sons and daughters. God bless

Kymberlee Trnka5 months ago

It was a joy coaching Iliana in high school!

Anonymous5 months ago

your speed on that track is the speed of strength your giving your Mom. Long Live “Skinny” Fly High Angel . -Mayde Creek Mom

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