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Ian Lewis Character Scholarship Fund

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Ian Lewis Family
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Our son died in 2019, and our family has established the Ian Lewis Character Scholarship through his school. It was designed to reward character and leadership on and off the soccer field. The recipients must be seniors attending a two or four year program and the money has to be used for their education.The scholarship has been awarded twice so far. A male and a female player have been selected each year. In 2021 $1000 was awarded to a male and female soccer player, and in 2022, $1500 was awarded to each. This was funded from a personal account. We want to continue fund raising, and his school has offered to help with a possible memorial soccer tournament. In order for them to contribute, we must have non-profit status. We have also had people offer to donate to our cause in the past, and I’ve had to turn them down because we were not tax deductible. We would like to continue to raise the amount awarded each year by $500 until we give at least $2500 to both a male and female player. So ideally, we would like to initially raise at least $15,000, and up our goal as we find success.

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