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Our goal

My family and I created a scholarship for students that have dealt with cancer, with a preference towards personal first hand experience as a child/teenager or as a sibling. I am creating this fund so people who wish to contribute to the scholarship in future years can do so.
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Becca Ryan1 month ago

Lauren you are a good friend and an inspiration. You are courageous, brave and kind. I am not surprised that you created a scholarship to help those impacted by cancer. You are special and I wish there were more people like you. 🧡

Debra Spoljaric5 months ago


Debra Spoljaric8 months ago

Lauren you are a true inspiration and living your life as we all should be!

TRACY DEMIER8 months ago

I worked with Lauren briefly, at PAT. I was following her medical school journey, on social media, because my daughter was in medical school at the time. I admire Lauren's realistic, yet positive outlook to her diagnosis. She has used social media to try to educate people to advocate for themselves and their health. She is always thinking about other people, and how she can help them. She's truly an amazing person! Donating to her scholarship fund is a small way to honor her.

Chiara Riga8 months ago

Lauren, I’m so proud of you for accomplishing the things you’ve always wanted to do. This scholarship will mean the world to the recipients!

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