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Selah Longchamp
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    Mommy ♥️ Selah


    Laci Harris


    Angela (Linkey) White


    Kareem Cole


Our goal

Growing up, I endured abusiveness, homelessness, and poverty. It was extremely difficult, for students like myself, to not become a product of our environment. Throughout high school, I did not have a support system. Therefore, I had to raise and provide for myself as a minor. Regardless of the physical and verbal abuse going on in my household, I always knew that pursuing higher education would allow me to build a legacy for my future children. I want to use my unfortunate upbringing as fuel for me to help the next generation of African American HBCU graduates. Regardless of how limited one's opportunities may seem; they are 100% capable of breaking generational curses if just one person believes in them. I am starting this fund to support first-generation, African American students who plan on attending an HBCU. I particularly want to focus on students who have had a challenging upbringing that may have limited their desire, knowledge, and ability to pursue higher education. My goal is not solely to use academic achievement to select recipients. I want this scholarship to consider applicants of all GPAs and backgrounds. I believe that your past self does not always have to determine your future self. If a student is passionate about pursuing higher education at an HBCU and taking advantage of the opportunities granted to them, they should be considered for a scholarship. They are all capable of breaking generation curses and building a new legacy.

Comments from contributors 3

Mommy ♥️ Selah25 days ago

I'm so proud of you. Keep moving mountains mybeautiful daugtrr

Laci Harris26 days ago

I’m proud of the founder for helping to make a change I love to see it. I am donating because I would love to help.

Angela (Linkey) White26 days ago

Watering the seeds to invest in our Nation’s future in support of my PHENOMENAL niece.

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