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Our story

"My attitude is the same as my blood type: B Positive." - Michael "Hawk" Houghton

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My father, Michael "Hawk" Houghton taught at Cheltenham High School from 1968-2003, and continued to coach girls Cross Country and Basketball in the years after. He was always smiling and was the rare approachable teacher who tried to make his classes and practices not just effective, but also fun. He found ways to engage his students and athletes on their level. And his kindness extended beyond the classroom, going above and beyond to show kindness to his students, whether it was recovering from injury, helping move belongings into a college dorm, or caring for a pet frog. He truly understood that school is not only about education, but about connection. Mr. Houghton spread his positivity through the Cheltenham halls for 35 years, and I want to remember his legacy by rewarding students who do the same. This is a scholarship for Cheltenham seniors who display positive attitude and kindness.
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