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Hattie May Ashby Scholarship Fund

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Nieves Ministries
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As the Executive Director of Nieves Ministries and someone deeply influenced by the remarkable life of Miss Hattie May Ashby, I am compelled to share the story behind the creation of the Hattie May Ashby Scholarship Fund and our goals for this meaningful initiative. The inspiration for this fund stems from my personal relationship with Miss Hattie, whom I had the privilege of knowing since I was a young child. Miss Hattie was not just a neighbor; she became an honorary grandmother figure whose wisdom, resilience, and unwavering dedication to education and community service left a lasting impact on me and many others. Her ability to face challenges with grace, including battling cancer while continuing to serve her community and mentor youth, serves as a beacon of inspiration for us at Nieves Ministries. The goal of the Hattie May Ashby Scholarship Fund is twofold: to honor Miss Hattie's legacy and to provide tangible support to deserving students who embody her values. Miss Hattie always emphasized the importance of education and encouraged me to pursue my dreams relentlessly. Now, through this fund, we aim to empower future leaders who, like Miss Hattie, demonstrate resilience, service, leadership, compassion, and academic excellence. Our fundraising campaign seeks to engage individuals and organizations who resonate with Miss Hattie's story and our mission at Nieves Ministries. We envision a campaign that not only raises funds but also shares Miss Hattie's story and the impact of this scholarship on students' lives. By highlighting the values she embodied and the difference she made in her community, we hope to inspire generosity and support for this meaningful cause. The funds raised will directly contribute to the scholarship amount, ensuring that we can provide substantial financial assistance to deserving students who may face financial barriers to pursuing higher education. Our goal is to create a lasting legacy that honors Miss Hattie's memory while uplifting and empowering future generations to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. We appreciate your support and guidance in crafting the best fundraising campaign for the Hattie May Ashby Scholarship Fund. Together, we can continue Miss Hattie's legacy of resilience, service, and education, creating a brighter future for deserving students and honoring a remarkable life lived with purpose and compassion.

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