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Willmon Poole was my grandfather and had a third grade education. He was a welder by trade but beyond welding he was an artist. He created these statues out of steel to give to his grandkids when they achieved success. I received one of those statues when I was sixteen. I had just won my first pageant, Miss Black Teenage Danville. I still have his statue but not the pageant trophy. It meant more to me than all the trophies I received thereafter. I knew his trophy came from a place love and support for his granddaughter. His was proud. He used to say to me, "You will do great things, I can see it in your eyes!". He also said, "You are just a hunk of coal but you will be a diamond someday". He inspired me and his words pushed me.

Our goal

As a parent of 2 students a few years ago, our children were not eligible for many scholarships, grants, or aid due to our income. The funds were limited and we found ourselves going in debt trying to ensure they had everything they needed. From laptops to books to transportation, we had to calculate the costs with every step. With that, I would like to give current students an opportunity to use the funds to help relieve their parents of the same stresses we experienced.

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