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Our story

Augustus Harper dedicated his life to education, and this scholarship is meant to continue the legacy that Gus left in his classroom. After a decorated and success academic career at John Adams High School in Cleveland Ohio, Gus graduated from Case Western Reserve University. Once he obtained his undergraduate degree, Gus attended the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Master of Business Administration in 1973. After he left the University of Pennsylvania, Augustus held many distinguished positions within the city of Cleveland, as well as starting his teaching career at many institutions in Northeast Ohio. He taught at his alma mater, Case Western Reserve, John Carroll, Lake Erie, Capital-Cleveland, and Notre Dame College. In 1978, Gus became an Associate Professor at Baldwin Wallace College, where he also served as the President of the National Association of Black Accountants. In 1987, he accepted an Associate Professorship at the University of Akron, where he earned the Professor Emeritus status after 31 years. Augustus was a firm believer in education. He attributed much of his success and his escape from poverty on his education. Gus was constantly stressing the importance of education to his children, students and was always doing what he could to help others succeed. We hope that this scholarship will help continue the legacy of Augustus Harper.

Our goal

Further the legacy of Augustus Harper by supporting a $500 scholarship each year given to an underrepresented minority student.
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