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Anthony Tran
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Our story

Originating in 2021, this scholarship began as a small campaign seeded by a group of community members from Beaverton, OR looking to make an impact for graduating high school students. In those two years, approximately 50 student applications were received and $3,000 dollars rewarded. Applicants to the scholarship are asked to articulate how they have taken ownership of their unique challenges and used the experience to grow as a person. Like the winding path of your own businesses and careers, we recognize that moving through challenges persistently over time plays a vital role in finding your true professional calling. A career, much like life, should not be limited to a single pathway. Unlike traditional scholarships, which maintain the status quo of pushing for College or University, the money awarded from Grassroot Heroics empowers students to pursue diverse career paths like learning a trade, earning a technical certification, or enrolling in a professional training program. The scholarship fund is intentionally unrestricted in this way to show students that the uncertainty of an unwritten future can also hold the promise of great opportunity.

Our goal

The Grassroot Heroics Scholarship Fund aspires to foster growth and success in a world of increasing complexity, polarity, and unforeseen hardships. Taking inspiration from the archetype of a “Hero’s Journey,” we encourage the youth to frame their most demanding life experiences as an arc of development, rather than a series of isolated events.
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