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Go Blue Crew Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Brian Thelen
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Raised of $2,000 goal
1 scholarship funded
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    Brian Thelen


    Steve Marry


    Brian Thelen


    Ron And Amy Kruske


    Laurie Stone


Our story

We are a group of friends that come from three different high schools within Michigan and we are looking to try and give back to the communities that launched us into our lives, families and careers.

Our goal

Our hope and desire is to provide a bit of assistance to others coming from our hometown high schools as they take the next step in their educational career.
Scholarships made possible by your generosity

Comments from contributors 3

Brian Thelen4 months ago

Scholarship Bucket funds received during the tailgates.

Ron And Amy Kruske9 months ago

Go Blue!!

Lou Bischoff10 months ago

Great scholarship opportunity !

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