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Our story

Jonathan David Gentile was a beloved teacher, coach, husband, father, son, brother, friend, colleague and neighbor, but most of all family to everyone he met after he said hello. His big heart for others is what identified him as a beacon of good character at Bethel Park High School, where he taught World History. His love of soccer brought him years of both playing and coaching and his adventurous spirit gave him the outdoor hobbies of fishing, hunting and kayaking. He was known for his kindness, being a focused listener and providing help wherever needed. His character left a mark on those he met and a legacy for those he didn’t. He was everyone’s biggest fan. He was known as Mr. G or Coach G or just “G”. Everyone should know a “G”. He showed others the character of his heart, because he wanted to make a difference, love others well and make sure others knew their Hearts Matter! There is a High School called Bethel Park, where the character of your heart rules and kindness is cool. Be a “G”!

Our goal

“G’s” Memorial Hearts Matter Scholarship: To raise money every year for a scholarship to be given to a graduating student, who is an example of good character to their peers throughout their high school years. They will have the biggest heart and are not afraid to show it with their qualities of kindness, integrity, responsibility, caring, respect and trustworthiness. They have positive social and emotional skills and help to improve the school atmosphere by the example of their character. We see that there are several scholarships offered for both academic and athletic achievement, but not for being an outstanding person. Character is important for their opportunities for success. The award money can be used for tuition or course related material. We are investing in people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others for a lifetime.
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Comments from contributors 3

Anonymous2 months ago

Those that love others well should be recognized along with those who excel in academics and athletics.

Anonymous7 months ago

To help someone who embodies Jon's spirit

Kelsey Chapin7 months ago

In Jon’s memory. I miss working with such a great guy.

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