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Organized by
Julia Cot & Zain Tokatly
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Our story

Law School is a big career choice that is not accessible to everyone. As pre-law students currently finishing undergrad, we know firsthand the financial burden that comes with wanting to apply to law school. Not only do we have to pay for application fees, CAS fees, transcript fees, and a whole undergraduate diploma. We also have to pay to take the LSAT test, the $99 fee that comes with buying previous test resources, as well as the cost of classes, self-study books, or even tutors. Law school is expensive, but so are all the resources and tests needed in order to apply to it. This is why we wanted to create a need-based scholarship that would help students from all backgrounds on their journey to law school. This is especially important to us because we both independently financed all the needed materials to apply to law schools. Ranging from $5000 classes to the $99 CAS fee for tests as well as the fees for the LSAT itself and other needed books and companies. Working part-time or full-time through undergrad in order to finance the needed resources to apply to law schools was hard. This is why we want to try and help students financially so they can focus on their classes and hopefully not worry about these burdens as much.

Our goal

This fund will help support the Future Lawyers Scholarship Award by providing financial assistance to students pursuing a higher education who are interested in becoming lawyers.
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