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Francis E. Moore Scholarship Fund

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Family of Francis E. Moore
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    Marilyn Brooks-Benford


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    Joseph Dear


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Our story

As a young man, Francis Moore developed a love for prison ministry that only grew with time. Over the course of his lifetime, he was able to share his time with countless people, and they are the best proof of the impact of his presence, his love for his work and the people he met, and his steadfastness and reliability. He was passionate, understanding, steadfast, and deeply rooted in his family, friendships, and his love of God.

Our goal

The family of Francis Moore desires to grant scholarships and awards, in his honor, to students who can most benefit from assistance, particularly those who have surmounted obstacles (especially if related to the penal system) or who have exhibited leadership in judicial equity, prison ministry or diminishing the effect of the prison industrial complex.

Comments from contributors 2

Marilyn Brooks-Benford3 days ago

I am donating so a child can have an opportunity for an education and money should not be a factor

Joseph Dear8 months ago

To support a scholarship honoring the name of my Friend!

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