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I want everyone to remember her smile and how she always wanted to make sure those she knew was taken care of. Remember that she lived a great life and was always full of life. Bridish stood out from others because she would always be funny and fall asleep anywhere and friends and family always laugh because she swear she was never asleep. I want everyone to keep her family in your prayers especially her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as her close friends who held a special place in her heart/life. #IHopeThisMakesYourDay

Our goal

This scholarship created in 2024 for a beautiful soul name Bridish Gilmore. Bridish was born on December 27,1998 and departed from earth on February 25,2024 while attending College to fulfill her dream in the healthcare field. Bridish life was short lived due to unforeseen health issues. Bridish was a bright and energetic child, which continued into her adulthood. Bridish was caring, nurturing, and loving which led to her choosing a career as a Nurse. Bridish was known for her ability to transform an environment with her beauty, laughter, and smile. Bridish enjoyed making others beautiful and was known to her family throughout the community as a hair stylist, and makeup artist. Bridish loved her family and friends she also loved to travel and cook.

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