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Evan T. Wissing Memorial Fund

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Katy Uhl
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Our story

I lost my son Evan in July of 2022 to a random act of violence in Denver, CO. Evan was an incredible young man with a world of opportunity in front of him when his life was cut short. Evan had made some poor choices in his life and at 31 years old, he needed a fresh start. That would never happen for Evan and so this memorial scholarship was created to help other people in difficult circumstances that hope for a second chance.

Our goal

To help another person in Colorado that has made a decision to change their life and their future and are seeking a path through education. Funds can be used for college, university, or trade school.

Comments from contributors 2

Breanna Hume6 months ago

First to honor my friend, Katy, and her son, Evan. And secondly to benefit students looking to grow and fund their educational goals.

Sara Igo6 months ago

To honor and remember the life of Evan Wissing and to acknowledge the courage and grace of his mother, Katy Uhl

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