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Earnestine Clay Educational Scholarship Fund

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Daphne Mack
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Our story

Earnestine was known for her calm, caring, and loving nature. She was a giving individual who valued education, especially for children. Earnestine was an educator for over 42 years with the majority of those years serving as a proud teacher in the Kansas City, Missouri Public School District. Throughout her tenure as a teacher, she touched the lives of hundreds of students and families, leaving an indelible mark on their lives. Earnestine's family often joked that she taught more than half the adults in Kansas City, and it was evident in the frequent encounters she had at various public places. Whether at the grocery store, post office, bank, or gas station, Earnestine would often hear her name being called, followed quickly by 'You used to be my teacher!' or 'You were my child's teacher!' Her dedication, passion, and kindness left a lasting impact, shaping the future of countless individuals and families.

Our goal

This fund is being established to create a scholarship in memory of my mother, Earnestine Clay, an educator for over 42 years. She deeply valued education and was a selfless giver to all she encountered. These funds will support aspiring educators in either Missouri or Arkansas.

Comments from contributors 7

Jodi Mahurin12 days ago

In honor of a wonderful woman that shines bright in her daughter everyday.

Sherwin Clay24 days ago

In my beloved mother’s memory ❤️

Maria Kaufman25 days ago

In honor of Earnestine’s amazing legacy with love and prayers to her family.

Julie Bennett25 days ago

In loving memory of Earnestine’s legacy in education and the lives she touched in and out of the classroom.

Amanda Twombly1 month ago

Daphne, I am sending you all of my love. Big hugs ♡

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