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Dream-Write-Hope University Scholarship Fund

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Your 501(c)(3) donation to the Dream-Write-Hope University fund transforms lives by empowering aspiring STEM students and those with learning challenges, disabilities, and socio-economic disadvantages to pursue higher education. Founded by Dr. Yvette Pegues, a trailblazing engineer and educator, this fund is a testament to overcoming adversity. Dr. Pegues, beat the odds as the first in her family to graduate from high school and college. She went on to achieve her terminal degree despite suffering a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. Inspired by her parents, who never had the opportunity to attend school, Dr. Pegues established this fund to ensure that every student, regardless of their background or challenges, has the chance to succeed. Dream-Write-Hope University is more than a fund—it's a lifeline for STEM students and those with learning challenges, disabilities, and socio-economic disadvantages. Your donation provides crucial financial scholarships and academic advocacy support, helping to build an internationally inclusive legacy of literacy. Join us in transforming lives, fostering innovation, and creating opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

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