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The late Willie L. Pegues, was a beloved physical science teacher in the rural town of Forrest City, Arkansas. Mr. Pegues dedicated 38 years to educating students, was a devoted family man, and served his community as a respected deacon and board member at Salem Baptist Church. This scholarship is a tribute to his lifelong commitment to education, family, the armed forces, and community service. His impact extended far beyond the classroom. As a dedicated teacher, loving husband, and father of three, he exemplified integrity, compassion, and dedication. His service as a deacon at Salem Baptist Church further highlighted his commitment to community upliftment. The Willie L. Pegues Scholarship honors his memory by providing vital financial support to students pursuing studies in science at the college level. This scholarship embodies Mr. Pegues's values of education, family, and service, ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire future generations. Donations to the Willie L. Pegues Scholarship will make a significant difference in the lives of underrepresented students and honor the legacy of a remarkable educator and community leader.

Our goal

Empower Dreams, Build Legacies: Support Dream-Write-Hope University Dream-Write-Hope University (DWHU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students with learning challenges/disabilities and financial needs, enabling them to pursue higher education. We aim to build a legacy of literacy by providing year-round academic scholarships and financial support.” We currently have two scholarships in the bold.org system: 1. Dr. G. Yvette Pegues Disability Scholarship 2. Willie Louis Pegues Sciences Scholarship Origin Story: Dr. Pegues, a first-generation high school and college student, defied daunting odds. Despite her parents' lack of education and overcoming a traumatic brain/spinal cord injury, she courageously pursued a doctoral degree, even with an intellectual and developmental disability. Her triumphs are now dedicated to paving paths for aspiring students with disabilities or significant financial barriers, ensuring they too can access higher education and create legacies of literacy. We eagerly seek partnerships with champions like you to turn these dreams into tangible realities through your generous donations to our scholarship fund. Mission Reinforcement: Dream-Write-Hope University’s mission is clear: to empower students facing obstacles in their educational journey. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive academically, regardless of challenges they may face. By providing year-round academic scholarships and financial support, we are creating pathways to success and fostering a culture of literacy and learning.
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