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Dr. Soronnadi Nnaji Legacy Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Dr. Soronnadi Nnaji, a distinguished educator and community leader, dedicated his life to excellence in education and fostering a sense of cultural pride and commitment to the community. Born in Zaria, Kaduna, and raised in Owerri, Nigeria, Dr. Nnaji's commitment to academic achievement began early, excelling at St. George Elementary School and graduating in the top 10% of his class. He continued his journey at St. Paul's Secondary School, graduating with first-class honors. Driven by his passion for engineering, he earned a BS in Agricultural Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology, followed by MS degrees in Agricultural Engineering and Civil Engineering from the University of Hawaii. His pursuit of knowledge culminated in a Ph.D. in Hydrology and Water Resources from the University of Arizona. He often morally and financially supported those who strive to achieve excellence through education. Upon his retirement from the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering, he was awarded the distinguished title of Professor Emeritus.

Our goal

As a father, uncle, mentor, educator, and community leader, Dr. Nnaji always demonstrated a strong love for his community, commitment to education, and his deep pride in Nigerian culture. Recognizing Dr. Nnaji's unwavering dedication, his daughters - Ngozi, Chioma, and Ninika - have established a scholarship fund in his honor. The Dr. Soronnadi Nnaji Legacy Scholarship Fund aims to assist first and second-generation African immigrant students who embody the spirit and dedication exemplified by Dr. Nnaji, enabling them to make a positive impact on their communities and beyond. Join us in celebrating Dr. Soronnadi Nnaji's legacy by supporting the Dr. Soronnadi Nnaji Legacy Scholarship Fund. Your support for the Dr. Nnaji Legacy Scholarship Fund will not only help deserving first and second-generation African immigrant students achieve their educational goals but also foster a sense of African pride and inspire them to become the next generation of leaders, enriching their communities and leaving a lasting legacy.
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Comments from contributors 12

John Nixon6 months ago

Just a great man that left a mark on the world

Shatakia Niles7 months ago

Your father would be proud of you!

Mark Anderson7 months ago

This is an awesome testimony of the gift of sharing wisdom and knowledge.

Tate Tate7 months ago

In honor and celebration of the life of your dad.

Joshua Morey7 months ago

Incredible way to honor your Father's legacy.

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