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Dr. Robert M. Fleisher Liberty and Prosperity Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc.
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    Steve Berger


    Steve And Susan Fleisher


    Paul Klepacki


    Sonny Ireland


    John D'Angelo


Our story

As an educational group dedicated to the New Jersey motto of Liberty and Prosperity, we hope to encourage students to learn about how the Constitution has provided for the freedom citizens enjoy and the actual reasons so many people from all over the world want to come here to live.

Our goal

This scholarship will provide financial assistance to a deserving high school student from New Jersey who is civic-minded and interested in exploring the Constitution of the United States. This scholarship will go towards supporting the student's tuition. Donations to this fund will help support the longevity of this scholarship.

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Steve And Susan Fleisher6 months ago

The USA needs more committed conservative educated youth to help put our great democratic nation back on the correct path. Dangerous leftist socialist ideas are being pushed by politicians and the media on our youth and general public and the silent majority must speak out against them or we are truly doomed and will become the next Venezuela. We cannot allow this to happen.

Sonny Ireland9 months ago


Basia Brown10 months ago

To save our Constitutional Republic

Ronald Zukin10 months ago

We believe in our freedom and love Robert Fleisher

ROBERT FLEISHER10 months ago

If we want to remain a strong Constitutional Republic, we must make sure future generations understand the design, importance, beauty, and strength of our form of government.

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