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Donna M. Umstead Work Ethic Scholarship Fund

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Matt Umstead
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Our story

Donna M. Umstead The one in constant persuit of whats next. She was the mom other parents disliked but the role model kids needed. She worked hard to provide and played hard to also provide. She provided the memories that we will tell stories about for decades. One of her greatest qualities as a mom and role model was her ability to be in a difficult situation, whether it be financial, medical or position and make it look like look smooth and easy. She was not afraid to move forward and make a decision. She was a skilled manager of time and family. The tough love mom and nana we all need in our lives. She was not one to accept excuses but commended you on your ownership of a problem or situation.

Our goal

The premise behind this fund/ scholarship is in honor of my late mother, Donna Umstead, who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet to make sure my brother and I had opportunities to be whoever we wanted to be. After multiple heart attacks and strokes she continued to live everyday to the fullest and was fearless when it came to living life. She did not hold a degree from a university but I would put her up against any human when it came to work ethic. After watching her working multiple jobs and long days to provide a private school education for my brother and I, I learned what making sacrafices looked like. After school my brother and I decided to enlist in the military, and after my time in the service I enrolled at Penn State University where I graduated from with a bachelors degree in Archaeological Science. With the work ethic, time managment and the understanding of the worth of a dollar, I was able to help support my mother and myself through college. I found that college was as a simple as time managment and maxinum effort problem. I would like to provide the opportunity to take a little of the burden off a student who demonstrates the ability to manage multiple jobs while being a full time student.

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